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Boost Your Patient Population's Engagement & Medication Adherence by >25% 


Patient populations with Migraine have a myriad of challenges.  We've engaged our top researchers, clinicians and behavioral scientists to identify the leading inhibitors to medication adherence among migraine sufferers.  Some of them include:


  • Fear of self-administration of injectable medications

  • Perceived social stigma

  • Self-efficacy issues

  • Locus of control belief 

  • Fatigue

  • Anxiety & depression 

  • Discontinuation of therapy upon perceived remission

  • Provider confidence concerns

  • Stress related to long term medication use 

  • Shared decision-making dialog with their providers 


However, barrier identification is only half of the battle.  The IPO Precision Medication Adherence Platform then provides proven, evidence-based solutions for not only pin-pointing these barriers, their root cause, as well as the precise content & method to change patient behavior, improve engagement and significantly boost adherence. 


Sounds great, but how do you know who these patients are and more importantly, how can you address these unmet needs?


This is where we excel.

There are five dimensions of adherence that our solution systematically addresses with multi channel communication, and evidence based behavioral modification content & methods driven by proven condition specific protocols. These factors related to adherence span social and economic, health care systems, conditions and therapies, and of course, patient related variables. 

The IPO Precision Medication Adherence Solution uses this framework as a basis for activiating & engaging each patient population, further segmenting, and stratifying by risk and behavioral modification needs to deliver optimal outcomes improvement and lasting change.

Finally, we’ve incorporated patient-reported outcomes (PRO) capability, leveraging telehealth and digital channels that drive the identification of patient barriers, root cause, and solutions – providing a level of engagement that changes and sustains patient behavior.        


Would you like to learn more?  Click the button above to arrange a time for us to demonstrate to you and your team how we can impact patients suffering with migraine.



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