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The 5 Keys To Creating Sustainable Member Behavior Change


It is well established how difficult it can be to engage a patient and create sustainable changes in behavior that positively impact healthcare costs.  Here are 5 “must-have” keys to your member engagement and outcome approach.  These variables are not independent of one another and, when strategically combined, create a solid, scalable platform for sustainable member behavior change


  1. Consistency.  There are two variables in terms of consistency that need inclusion.  The first variable is the use of a consistent method and the second is the frequency of the engagement dependent upon the risk level of the identified member population.

  2. Personalization of Member Engagement Method & Content.  Sounds easy.  However, personalizing content to increase engagement through predictive analytics, member feedback & outcomes, as well as longitudinal revision based upon changes in your member’s health is not only a key to engagement but a challenge to manage. 

  3. Evidence-based Outcomes Commitment.  Analytics rigor applied to your member engagement strategy is vital to scalability and consistent results.

  4. Determination of Underlying Barriers & Causality to Treatment Adherence.  Typically there are several variables under the 5 dimensions of adherence to long-term therapies.  The means to identify the variables, as well as the barriers and causallity, are key prior to addressing them.

  5. Broad & Deep Content Library.   A one-source library for the myriad of conditions and behaviors your members have creates familiarity and consistency for the member experience and impactful, pragmatic deployment for your organization. 


This is where we excel and how we differentiate ourselves from other market solutions.   If you’d like to learn more click on the Executive Summary arrow.  If you’d like to talk more click on the Schedule a Call arrow.

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