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We supply a wide range of medical equipment, including mobility solutions, available to rent for both short and long term periods. Call us now for a quote 1-800-000-0000

IPO’s history is rooted in medication adherence. 


Over the last 2 decades IPO’s evidence based behavioral solutions have been tested, tweaked and proven in 80+ programs with validated results in across more than 20,000 patients. 


The results speak for themselves...

Improvements in medication adherence & patient outcomes measure an average of

20-25% across 12-24 month programs


Working with you to create better health.


  • With hundreds of predictive indicators, we select several of the most appropriate and apply to your patient data set.  We then identify the specific patient populations that are at risk, most in need, highest costs, etc. and segment these populations based on desired outcomes. 

  • Next, we target and tailor the behavioral interventions based on demographic data and create the program protocol

  • Patient engagement channels are selected and the program is launched.

  • We monitor, evaluate and adjust

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